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A Little About Us


- to equip or supply with talent or quality. 

-having a usually favorable trait or quality. 

That has been the foundation stone for us and we always strive to-


                  "Add value to your Business"

Azure Express was our first organization way back in 1999.  It was June 01’ 99 when Azure Express got the franchisee with DTDC couriers and Cargo Ltd., the largest Courier and Logistics company in India and the seeds of success were sown.

We wish to introduce this Green Revolution in India as “Endowers India”

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Our Business Partners

Aurelia is by far the best revolution that happened at the Micro turbine genre.  They not only came up with a double rotary shaft turbine but also are the ones to break the 40% efficiency barrier in the segment.  The peak performance touches a whopping ~43% which is a benchmark in the segment.

Qnergy Powergens is a phenomenal technology leap in generators.  These sterling engines with friction less piston ensure an uninterrupted non stop running for years with no service, no oil and even no coolant. 

Green and Clean energy with multiple solutions in our forte.  Reach out to us and We will ensure that we:

                                                            “Add value to your Business”

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