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A Little About Us


- to equip or supply with talent or quality. 

-having a usually favorable trait or quality. 

That has been the foundation stone for us and we always strive to-


                  "Add value to your Business"

Azure Express was our first organization way back in 1999.  It was June 01’ 99 when Azure Express got the franchisee with DTDC couriers and Cargo Ltd., the largest Courier and Logistics company in India and the seeds of success were sown.

We wish to introduce this Green Revolution in India as “Endowers India”


Bladon Azure  partnership

Bladon is into OEM Engineering and Volume Manufacturing and is  based in Coventry, United Kingdom at a huge 6000 m²facility . Bladon is Pioneers in Tower Power technology  and has already launched in Markets of Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, Australia, Indonesia & USA. Their Funding comes from Private Equity & Middle East Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The shareholders include

  • John Baker, Chairman (ex UK Electricity National Grid CEO/Chairman)

  • Dr.Ralf Speth, Group CEO Jaguar Land Rover (Tata Group)

Azure promoters have invested 15+ years in Telecom Arms of India’s biggest conglomerates; the Partnership was a natural choice.

Bladon sees India amongst the biggest market in the region and Azure must ensure this class leading, cutting edge technology reaches to every Telecom Tower operator in India & APAC and is “Adding value to your Business”