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Endowers Solutions Private Limited

POWER TRANSFORMED -  We add value to your business

We take Pride in our association with Aurelia Micro Turbine Gensets (MTGs) and are elated to bring this state of art technology to India.
Aurelia is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of Micro Turbine Gensets (MTGs) - using high-speed, ultra reliable and clean-burning microturbines together with patented air-bearing and heat exchanger technologies that will transform distributed power generation.

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The Endowers Story

Endowers - literally means "to equip or supply with talent or quality";  having a usually favorable trait or quality.  At Endowers the sole motto is to 


                       "Add value to your Business"

We have other business in name of Endowers Marketing and Azure Express.  Endowers Marketing are Business associates to MGL - Mahanagar Gas Ltd- the leading Natural Gas supplying govt entity in Mumbai.  While Azure Express was our first organization we started our Business ventures way back in 1999.  It was June 01’ 99 when Azure Express got the franchisee with DTDC couriers and Cargo Ltd., the largest Courier and Logistics company in India and the seeds of success were sown.

We wish to introduce this Green Revolution in India as “Endowers Solutions”

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Products we Offer

The best innovations from the world to ensure your peace of mind.

The world is transforming at a dynamic pace and each day we have innovations to efficiently reduce emissions.  Endowers ensures that the best from the world is made available here in India.

We offer complete Microturbine based Power Generation solutions that use Natural, Sour, Bio or even synthetic gases.  The only technology that has proven to handle H2S efficiently over the years.  A cleaner exhaust ensures a smoother and seamless Co-Gen or a Tri-Gen solution.

With Qnergy Powergens Service Downtime is thing of the past.  The new-age state of the art sterling engine Qnergy has ensured almost ZERO-Maintenance.  The engines need NoService, No Oil, No Coolant for years of Non-stop operation.  Gas In- Power Out; it's that simple.

Another path breaking product available with us is the next generation Capacitor based storage battery. 

These Non-hazardous, non - chemical batteries are not only quick on charge but also have a life of ~45 years.  With a temperature range of - 40degrees to 70 degrees, they are the best solutions anywhere at the sub-continent. 

Endowers Solutions is your local Indian Energy Conservation Specialist.


Micro Turbine Genset

The most reliable solution for High quality and seamless Captive Power, Process Steam, Chilling, Hot Water Solution. Oil & Gas and Direct Current that runs on an array of fuels including synthetic gases.

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We are keen to hear from you

Whenever you a dependable Energy Conservation Specialist; please do not hesitate.
Contact ENDOWERS today.

102, Tulsi Darpan Plot No 158, Sector 28, Vashi Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


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