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Aurelia Turbines

The most efficient small gas turbines in the world. With efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy and heat generation.

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Aurelia A400

The Aurelia A400 provides 400KW with an electrical efficiency greater than 40%. The turbine is a twin-spool, intercooled and recuperated (IRG 2) gas turbine. The turbine is of module constructions and is designed to utilize a wide range of fuels, from standard liquid and gaseous fuels to biogas, biodiesel, flare gases and even synthetic and recovered gases.

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How it works - IRG2 operating principle

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Aurelia Applications

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Advantages of Micro Turbine

  1. Designed to run 24 x 7@ 365 days giving un-interrupted power with long service intervals

  2. Plant availability in excess of 99.999 % with maintenance as low as once a year

  3. Dry Technology - No Oil filters, lubricants, coolant needed 

  4. Only ONE/ TWO rotary shaft on air/ magnetic bearing- no metal to metal contact

  5. Part load capability of 0 % - 100% with standard warranty.

  6. Compatible with various fuel options Natural Gas, Bio Gas, Liquid Fuels and even some synthetic gases

  7. Microturbine accepts Methane greater than 35% level.

  8. H2S acceptability limit:  up to 5 %

Micro Turbine Genset: Text

Up to 8,000 hour service intervals

  • Up to 90% fewer site visits

  • No lubricant or liquid coolant

  • Minimal replacement parts make services simple and low cost

Fuel flexibility

  • Natural Gas

  • Sour Gas

  • Bio or landfill gas

  • Synthetic gas

Secure by design

  • Hardened cabinet

  • Single service door access

  • Tamper-proof internal hinges

  • No reusable parts for traditional diesel gensets

Reduced environmental impact

  • Compliant to Strict EURO Parameters

  • Quietest genset at <65dB at 1m

  • Ultra low vibration

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The Micro turbines - next generation equipment ensuring complete "Peace of Mind".  You can Monitor , Control and even Start or Stop from anywhere using inbuilt IoT set -up.

Micro Turbine Genset: Image
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