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Qnergy PowerGen

The next generation Powergens that breaks the service downtime shackles.

A sterling engine based PowerGen that ensures you have non stop power generation for years.

Gas In - Power Out.  it's Simple.

PowerGens: Services

PowerGen 5650

•Dry Technology - No Oil, No Coolant required for life

•Simple design - only 66 parts in the entire engine

•Proprietary flexure bearings technology 

•Designed for 80,000 maintenance-free operating hours 

•Remote Monitoring, start and stop

•Lowest emissions

•Gas In - Power Out; it's simple



  • 11 scfm continuous air output at 100psi (60+scfm and 145+psig options)

  • Low maintenance robust duplex compressors

  • Integrated air dryer

  • HMI for local data review and control

  • Eliminates “wet-gas”pneumatic issues

  • Gas Conditioning Unit (GCU), protects against liquids in gas inlet

  • SmartView remote monitoring

We would be eager to hear on your requirements and share the best solution.

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